Saturday, 12 May 2018

Rudolf Boelee - Modesty Blaise "The Fight Against Evil"

 Modesty Blaise
 Inspector Brook 1
 Inspector Brook 2
 Modesty 1
 Princess of the Night
 Modesty 2
 Study for Modesty
 Mr. Bennet
 Willie Garvin 'Bugger!'
 Quick Look!
 "Off to the Coast"
 Beaten up

 Modesty and Willie
 At the Bar
 Maybe for the best!
 I hate drugs
 You can't touch me!
"What do you Mean?"

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Rudolf Boelee said...

Modesty Blaise - The Fight Against Evil

A twelve-year-old girl tramping across war-ravaged Europe, through refugee camps, across the Middle East, knowing hunger, rape, despair – this was the making of Modesty Blaise. She wanted the security of money and got it. In every worthwhile place she organised The Network, a crime organisation, efficient, deadly. She took Willie Garvin from the gutter and turned him into her right-hand man – a man as deadly and professional as herself. They made their money and retired. But where was the excitement? Now on the right side of the law for once, they pit themselves against vicious schemers who play for very high stakes…ruthlessly.

My work follows on from this converting the original 1960’s drawings into paintings that tap into today’s woes of living in a society ‘on the edge’.
By Rudolf Boelee