Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More images from the Flagstaff Gallery, Opening on Wednesday 8 April 2009

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Photographs, Rudolf Boelee with Flagstaff Gallery director Alka Fowler, John Green, Stuart Hoar, Caroline Barnes, Warren Pringle, Charles and Wendy Heywood.

Flagstaff Gallery Opening 8 April 2009

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Photographs, Rudolf Boelee with Finn and Lara Fair, Lennie and Julie Worthington, Onno Boelee


Born in the Holland in 1940, artist Rudolf Boelee has a personal understanding of the impact of world events on lives. Seeing his homeland ravaged by war he chose to live in a new land. Migrating to New Zealand in 1963, he worked for NZ Forest Products from the late 60's to the mid-70's, both at their Whakatane Board Mills and Kinleith Paper Mill, Tokoroa.
Some of the works hark back to his early days in New Zealand, combining constructivism, pop-art and design elements, with the Exiles series featuring portraits of literary 'exiles' from our history. Marginalised by colonial culture for their individualism & idealism, they were selected by the artist for their ability to see beyond the confines of that culture. They travelled, engaged with the world and effectively exiled themselves