Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rudolf Boelee - Blijdorp - Portraits

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This electronic book is a memoir and shows manipulated photos and commentaries about me,my family and friends,in a time span from about 1920 to the present in 2010. After the death of my mother’s eldest sister Frans Bosch-Tak, it really dawned on me, that I was now one of the last of our line and I am aiming to preserve some of my families’ history for the future. I decided on making this electronic ‘flip’ picture book for easier access worldwide. The title of the book Blijdorp refers to a suburb of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where I and most of my contemporaries grew up.

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NikkiBeeTak said...

I've stumbled upon here by accident. My opa Joseph Tak came to America with the family in the mid 1950's where we all still live. He was born and raised in Rotterdam. I wonder if we are related somehow!? Either way, great artwork. -Nikki Tak.